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Female Products

Dougherty’s Pharmacy and Raven’s Pharmacy are uniquely positioned to provide a variety of healthcare services to meet the individual and personal needs of the female patient. Professional compounding labs are available to prepare medications designed to meet the individual needs of each patient. Private counseling services are offered by pharmacist to educate patients on the appropriate utilization of all medications and devices.

Women’s Health Services

  • Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Pharmaceutical Compounding
  • Oral
  • Vaginal Gel
  • Topical Gel
  • Natural Products
  • Individualized Dosing
  • Diaphragms & Supplies
  • Pregnancy Test Kits
  • Fertility Therapy
  • Compounds
  • Injectibles
  • Humegon®, Pergonal
  • Fertinex®
  • Clomid®, Serophene®
  • Endometriosis Tx
  • Lupron®
  • Zoladex

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