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Dougherty’s Compounding Specialist

Is your medication too strong or too weak?   Or maybe you cannot swallow your medications, No Problem!

Dougherty’s/Raven’s has been compounding alternate forms of administration for years. Compounding oral forms into liquids, nasal sprays, topical creams & gels or rectal suppositories, we have incorporated medications into suckers, lozenges, troches, sublingual tablets, capsules. Children benefit more for their medications if they enjoy what they are taking. We can enhance the flavor or prepare an alternate form. Maybe the medication is too big.

Headaches to Hormones, Anxiety to motion sickness, we make medications a more comfortable experience.

We can prepare cosmetic preparations upon your prescription request as well as skin toners, alpha hydroxys’, pigmentation & wrinkle creams.

Let us not forget our pet’s, they have special needs, and taste requirements. We service prescriptions for dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits etc. In fact we even help out the Dallas Zoo occasionally.

Professional and cosmetically eloquent preparations can be supplied by Dougherty’s/Raven’s Pharmacy.

Dougherty’s/Raven’s Pharmacy are capable of fulfilling the simplest to the most complex prescription needs for the patients at home.  For those organizations concerned about JCAHO accreditations, Dougherty’s Pharmacy is JCAHO compliant. Containing patient care, cost is always a top priority and both pharmacies have cost cutting programs in place to assist those that are interested.

Involvement with many local nursing services and Hospices gives them unique opportunities to develop top patient care. Networking with other pharmacies enables our customers to be serviced over a regional area instead of just a local territory.

Listed below are some of the areas both pharmacies are ready to assist.

  • Prescription Compounding

  • Enteral Feeding Program

  • Pain Management

  • I.V. Compounding Unit Dose Capabilities

  • Durable Medical Equipment

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