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Hospice/Pain Management

Pharmacological therapy is the main-stay of cancer pain management. The combination of analgesics and coanalgesics can provide comfort and function in 85% to 95% of patients with cancer pain.

Dougherty’s/Raven’s Pharmacies understand the concept of hospice are attuned to the medication needs of a patient with chronic terminal pain.

The use of alternate dosage forms have allowed patients with pain to gain relief. By formulating and compounding products which are not available commercially Dougherty’s/Raven’s Pharmacies can address the needs of those patients who can either nor longer swallow or take medications in the traditional manner.

Dougherty’s/Raven’s Pharmacies maintain the inventory of narcotic analgesics required to service the hospice patient.

Our highest priority is to maintain a working relationship with all hospice physicians in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex to help them serve the needs of their patient.

We work with hospice organizations through their IDG committees in the development of formularies to improve cost savings. Formularies can be designed as a guide to those medications that have been approved by the staff and their medical directors and deemed effective yet at a more reasonable cost to the hospice. On-line adjudication is another tool that can be utilized to closely monitor prescription cost and compliance to guidelines established for the benefit of the patient. We offer competitive contracts to Hospice organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Our multiple locations and large fleet of delivery vehicles allow us to respond to the hospice patient at a moments notice. A full range of I.V. services, focused toward the hospice patient, can also be utilized.

Our professional staff of 13 pharmacists are trained to respond to the needs of the hospice patient and the hospice agency in time of crisis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Helpful phone numbers:

National Cancer Institute (800)-4-CANCER
National Hospice Organization (800)-658-8898
Hospice Education Institute (800)-331-1620
Or visit the
Hospice Web.

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